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Frequent dilemma: what sprint duration is best for your team

sprint durationEveryone might agree with the fact that Scrum is the most popular methodology in Agile development. Many organizations use Scrum due to its simplicity and flexibility. In Scrum, work is confined to a regular, iterative work cycle, known as a sprint. Most of the time one sprint lasts from one week to 4 weeks, but in some exceptional cases sprint might take up to two months. Each scrum team can face such challenge – decide upon sprint length.

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Estimating in story points compared to hours

story pointsNowadays you will find less and less people who still haven’t heard anything about Agile framework called Scrum. Those, who already learned about it one of the first things they met was the concept of a “Story point”. Story point is a measure of size of a user story, feature or other piece of work but not equal unit of time.  Story points are used by Scrum teams and provides with forecasts on total effort needed to deliver task.

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Cloud is bad?

Trends make people blind – so is the cloud computing hype overwhelming common sense… Nowadays as a professional or a leader you have an opportunity to employ tons of great (or not so great) apps which should make your life easier, yet somehow you end up in need of even more services and something called cloud computing. Get a cloud they said… it will be fun they said… But some of you might already have learned a costly lesson – data in cloud is not so secure and reachable as it could seem at first. So let us talk about common reasons why one should turn away from cloud to “on premises deployment”.

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