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Why should one apply Agile or Lean practices?

Have you ever wondered if Agile or Lean practices are any good? Have you searched through web and read dozens of whitepapers, videos and slide shows? Still not convinced? We challenge you to watch this 3 minute video and get a quick grasp how you can benefit not only by applying agile and lean but also empowering tools for project management.


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Webinar: Organizing and involving project team into agile and lean practices

Eylean webinar agile and lean technique application

Hello everyone,
ever wondered how you can improve your team management? Maybe you are seeking for new and innovative ways to cope with common team organization problems.
Search no more – we will be hosting a webinar, which will cover agile and lean technique application in team and project task management. Also, we will showcase Eylean board product and demo all the features for team.

There will be three webinars held:

We will be waiting for you, do not miss your chance to know more and benefit!

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Involve your team into agile process


Fear of innovation, lack of mutual goals and organizational skills can drive any team into the ground. Also, it is worth mentioning that in the most common cases gap between great and average professionals in a team can be up to 10 times the difference, while gap between great and average team can be up to 1000 times the difference. That being said, we all can agree that any team there is must consist of a leader and followers. If you are a leader you will be the one who is responsible for the team’s performance. Moreover, you will be responsible for not only keeping everything under control but continuously improving and innovating. There one might encounter rejection and resistance to changes.

“Ability to attract followers is exactly what makes you a leader.” Mary Poppendieck

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