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Eylean is a Scrum and Kanban desktop software that integrates well into the Office tools and TFS from Microsoft product family
For the Team
task board Task board Make the task board work for you - choose the configuration, a way to group tasks and projects, use time boxing and limit the WIP. Create as many boards as you need and manage them easily by drag & drop. No matter how your board looks - always get a clear view!

time tracking TFS integration Improve your TFS task management with a two way integration with Eylean. TFS 2015 - 2010 supported.

time tracking Time tracking With Eylean, you can track time and overview time reports easily, making self-assessment reporting to clients a breeze.

time tracking Scrum and Kanban Use Eylean Scrum and Kanban templates to manage the Agile process easily with automated features and reports.

time tracking Task details Expand you task card information with comments, attachments and categories. Easily import and export data from MS Excel and Outlook.

For Management
task board Dashboard Oversee the big picture of the project, performance and workload of each team member, completed tasks and tracked time.

time tracking Cummulative flow diagram Identify your teams’ throughput and plan ahead with confidence. The CFD works well for intense Kanban based process.

time tracking Burndown chart Check the progress by estimation hours, complexity points or the number of tasks. See the real progress using Cumulative Burndown path and compare it with the ideal path all in one chart.

time tracking Workflow report Find out how the tasks travel through the process and identify bad decisions, harmful tasks and process bugs.

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